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February 2, 2019

Venue: Harrington Fire Hall, Harrington, DE

Infinite Pro Wrestling Presents: Heartbreak featuring The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, Chris Masters, and benefit for Lamar Wayman (recipient of the IPW Gladiator Award).



Feb 2, 2019 Heartbreak!

Featuring The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, Chris Masters and the first iPPV event! Lamar Wayman receives the Gladiator Award.

November 17, 2018

Venue: Dodge Recreation Center, Columbus, OH

Infinite Pro Wrestling Presents: Fractured


1. Jace Thorn defeated Sean Tyler

2. Stretcher the Pooh defeated Jason Levi

3. Birds of Freedom defeated Art of War

4. Tootie Lynn Ramsey defeated “The Handsome Feller” Zac Stevens

IPW Fury TV Championship Match

5. Bad Bad Travis Banks (Champion) defeated Paragon and Misery in a Triple Threat Match, retaining the TV title!

IPW World Heavyweight Championship

6. Franco Varga (Champion) defeated Simon Grimm to retain the IPW World Title!


November 17 Fractured!

IPW World Heavyweight Champion Franco Varga defends against Former WWE Superstar Simon Gotch!

September 15, 2018

Venue:  Dover YMCA, Dover, DE

Infinite Pro Wrestling Presents: Invasion


1. Kris Rex (making his IPW Debut) defeated Royal Money

2. Dexter MacIntosh defeated Kyler Khan (making his IPW Debut)

3. The Main Attraction (Beau Crockett & Jake Hollister) vs. The Homeless Heroes. Beau announced that Jake was injured and could not wrestle, so a one on one match was granted. The Homeless Heroes decided to do “rock, paper, scissors” to see who would wrestle and Hobo Harry won. Beau Crockett defeated Hobo Harry to score a victory in his IPW debut.

Delaware Title Unification Match

4. Travis Banks (IPW Delaware State Champion) defeated “Diamond” Victor Griff (IPW Internet Champion) to become the undisputed IPW Delaware State Champion.

5. Roni “Big Bang” Nicole defeated Annabelle in a dominating debut!

Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship

6. Brian Cage defeated Franco Varga to retain the Impact Wrestling X-Division championship!

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September 15, 2018 Invasion!

First time in Delaware, the Impact X-Division Champion Brian Cage defends his title against Franco Varga!

July 7, 2018

Venue:  Chesapeake Community Center, Chesapeake, Ohio

Infinite Pro Wrestling Presents: Tag Wars!

IPW Tag Team Championship will be decided tonight!


Match #1

Joe Pace and Ace Prime defeated Steven Backlund and Drex Dyer


Match #2

Iron Legion (Billy Masters and Chase Armstrong defeated The Smooth Criminals (Dalton Moss and Jace Thorn)


Match #3

Infinite Pro Wrestling Delaware State Championship

Bad Bad Banks defeated Chance Prophet and Paragon in the Triple Threat Match.


Match #4

Amy Armstrong defeated Tootie Lynn Ramsey


Match #5

Infinite Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship

Iron Legion defeated Joe Pace and Ace Prime to become the new IPW Tag Team Champions!


Match #6

Infinite Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Franco Varga defeated Big Michael Elgin to retain the IPW Heavyweight Championship!  


Check out the live Facebook feed on our Facebook page and highlights from the show!  Also check out the article written on Wrestling INC about Michael Elgin's speech that is setting the internet on fire!  You can find that article at


Thank you to Wrestling Inc for posting the article and @KYCaseyKing for the video of his speech on the page!




New Flyer.jpg

July 7, 2018 Tag Wars!

IPW World Heavyweight Champion Franco Varga defends against Big Mike Elgin! This match had the internet buzzing!


June 9, 2018

Venue:  Chesapeake Community Center, Chesapeake, Ohio

Infinite Pro Wrestling Presents: Crown Jewel

One-night tournament for the IPW Heavyweight Championship


---Round 1 Winners advances to the next round---

Match 1:  Billy Masters defeated Hobo Harry

Match 2:  Franco Varga defeated Joe Pace

Match 3:  Chase Armstrong defeated Ace Prime

Match 4:  Chase Owens defeated Travis Banks

---End of Round 1.  All Winners go the the semi-final tag team match later on.----

Match 5:  Non-tournament Tripe Threat Match Amy Armstrong defeated Kip Bailey and Steve Backlund

---Tournament Semi-Finals---

The winners of the tournament match will team up, where the winners of the match would face off for the IPW Championship. 

Match 6: Franco Varga and Chase Owens defeated Chase Armstong and Billy Masters.


---Infinite Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship---

Match 7:  Franco Varga defeated Chase Owens to become the first IPW Heavyweight Champion!



June 9, 2018 Crown Jewel

Catch the original Crown Jewel event as Franco Varga defends the IPW World Heavyweight Championship against “The Crown Jewel” Bullet Club member Chase Owens!



May 5, 2018

Infinite Pro Wrestling Presents: A DAMN! Good Time!

Venue:  A Hopping Good Time, Camden, Delaware


Pre Show Match: Paragon Kris James defeated Billy Masters. Both making their debut.

Internet Championship Match

"Diamond" Victor Griff defeated Royal Money to become the new Internet Champion.


Drake Evans Vs. Billy Dixon Vs. Dexter Macintosh ended in a no contest when Dexter Macintosh performed Shattered Dreams to Billy Dixon.


Drolix defeated Louis G. Rich.

The Homeless Heroes defeated Real Money. After the match, Real Money beat down the Homeless Heroes.

Jake Hollister w/ Sonny Deeds defeated Kekoa when Sonny interfered.

#1 Contendership for the Infinite Pro Wrestling Delaware Championship.

Ty Awesome defeated Franco Varga (special referee IPW Delaware State Champion Travis Banks). Into the match Travis failed to count to three and left the match. After Franco berated the fans and obviously turning, Ron simmons came out. As he was about to deliver his famous line, Franco tried to hit him with a chair. Ron ducked and Franco's chairshot bounced off the top rope, hitting himself in the head. Ty hit the 450 spash and senior official Craig Pendergrass counted the three.



May 5, 2018 A Damn! Good Time!

Featuring Ron Simmons! You have to see the ending to this one!

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