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Release of!

IPW Fans!

It is here! is now active! Is IPW running in another state and you cannot attend the show? We have you covered. For $4.99 a month, you can watch all the IPW shows on your laptop, mobile device, or however you watch internet media. Shows are subject to blackouts within the area of the event. You will be able to watch our entire archive of shows, including 302 Pro Wrestling! In addition to the great action that you see in the ring, there will be special features for only our members. You can see interviews and additional content that you will not see on any of our pages.

The site is up and running and we will be adding more content in the future, but for now, to see IPW and previous shows for only $4.99 is a great deal. Sit back and chill with Infinite Pro Wrestling! Sign up today at!

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