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This past weekend, the Dover YMCA hosted Infinite Pro Wrestling: Invasion. This show featured the Delaware debut of six new wrestlers that have never wrestled in Delaware and the Impact Wrestling X-Division championship was defended for the first time in the state of Delaware. In front of 210 fans, Infinite Pro Wrestling put on a show that has everyone in the town talking and the YMCA wanting more shows to come to their facility in the future. If you did not make it to the show, you can still watch two of the championship matches on their Facebook page.


1. Kris Rex (Debut) defeated Royal Money

2. Dexter MacIntosh defeated Kyler Khan (Debut)

3. The Main Attraction (Beau Crockett & Jake Hollister) vs. The Homeless Heroes. Beau announced that Jake was injured and could not wrestle, so a one on one match was granted. The Homeless Heroes decided to do “rock, paper, scissors” to see who would wrestle and Hobo Harry won. Beau Crockett defeated Hobo Harry to score a victory in his debut.

Delaware Title Unification Match

4. Travis Banks (IPW Delaware State Champion) defeated “Diamond” Victor Griff (IPW Internet Champion) to become the undisputed IPW Delaware State Champion.

5. Roni “Big Bang” Nicole defeated Annabelle in a dominating debut!

Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship

6. Brian Cage defeated Franco Varga to retain the Impact Wrestling X-Division championship!

The next scheduled show for Infinite Pro Wrestling is Saturday, November 17 in Columbus, Ohio, featuring former WWE superstar Simon Gotch!

Infinite Pro Wrestling will have their next show in Delaware on February 2, 2019 in Harrington, Delaware, featuring ECW/WWE star Tommy Dreamer!

David Scherich

CEO, Infinite Pro Wrestling

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