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Delaware Show August

  Some times when trying to put on an event or schedule an event, certain things happen to prevent that from happening. It takes the coordination of several entities to put on an event here in Delaware, just like a few other states. As a company, sometimes things do not work out the way you want them to and you have to take some more time to get things coordinated to ensure no laws are broken and that the company is able to have the event.

  Even though there was no promotion for our August event; however, it was on our page as scheduled to happen. This event is being moved to September 15 and WILL be in Delaware (originally coordinated for Ohio). The September event will be at the Dover YMCA and there will be a special announcement for those fans that are members of the Dover YMCA.

  The company was holding off on making any match announcements or anything for August, until we were 100% sure we could have the event. As the event date became closer, a few things still needed ironed out and responses were not coming back as fast as we needed them to be to keep the date.

  Furthermore, we have chosen to sign with another venue for the next show, in order to try and centralize the show for the next event. We did not do anything different from any of our other shows, but what is good for us, may not be good for other companies that we coordinate with. I hope you all understand that this was not the plan and that other community business partners we depend on to have our events, the dates do not always work out.

-David Scherich, CEO Infinite Pro Wrestling

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